Startup Chapters

If you are in a key profession that rarely has an opening in a BNI chapter, you might want to start a chapter to enjoy the benefits of BNI membership. This requires effort, but the rewards are truly worthwhile. Most of our experienced members get the majority of their new business, their best business, or both through referrals from their BNI chapter!

How to Get Started:

Attend a BNI meeting.
This will help you understand how it works and give you the opportunity to see if BNI is for you.

You can’t do it all by yourself!
Find at least two other strong prospective members who are interested in working with you to establish the chapter.

Increase the Startup Chapter member count.
The milestone is to reach eighteen or more active, fully participating members. It should take about 8 weeks to reach the 18-member level needed to charter as an Official BNI Chapter.

Your BNI Director will guide you.
Your Director serves as the Start-Up chapter’s “coach” to provide information and help your members set and attain the goals to charter your new chapter.

You will meet on a weekly basis.
You will be meeting to recruit new members and learn a great number of BNI networking skills.

Your chapter will reach 18 applicants.
When you have 18 or more active and fully participating members in your Startup Chapter you will become an official BNI Chapter and make preparations for a “Kick-Off Meeting” where all accepted applicants will be inducted as official BNI members.

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